FREE Workshop for Stained Glass Caretakers July 27, 2016

Understanding Stained Glass Conservation, Bryn Athyn College, Wed, July 27, 1-4pm. Stewards of historic stained glass learn how to prevent problems, how to clean & maintain, what leads to deterioration, when to call in expert, more. In conjunction with Summer Building Arts Workshops June 27-July 29, Rm 119 Doering, 2945 College Dr, Bryn Athyn 19009. Free event. Sugg. donation: $25 (for handouts). Details or to register: or 609.682.0456

Workshop Orientation

Bryn Athyn College Campus Map
8:00 AM         ORIENTATION
Coffee and light breakfast, instructor introductions. Students sign photo and liability release forms. Final check-in for on campus housing, outstanding balances collected.
9:00 AM         Workshops begin. If arriving after orientation please call for assistance: 609 682 0456

Housing Available

Limited on campus housing is now available for workshop participants. The cost of a room from 3PM Sunday to 10AM Saturday of the workshop week is $425 for a single or $250 for a double. Please see the housing page for complete details.

2016 Summer Workshops Announced

Art endures. It is the silent testament of the life and labor of the maker.  The decorative building arts in particular are characterized by the work of craftsmen with a high degree of technical skill. The master/apprentice system of the last century has nearly disappeared from the modern landscape with the result that many of the traditional arts are often characterized as "lost". In reality this is far from the case but students are often unaware that these skills are still being taught. We're changing that.
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"I am pleased to announce the Workshops @ Bryn Athyn 2016 Summer course offerings are available for online viewing. Registration is open."- J. Kenneth Leap - Director of Building Arts

Embracing the Sacred: The Story of Glencairn Museum

The decorative arts used in the construction of Glencairn Museum and Bryn Athyn Cathedral reflect the passion of  Raymond Pitcairn as a collector and patron of the arts. This video will give you a introduction the history of these structures and the philosophy that created them.